A definitive girls’ day out

7th November 2016

Last week I had a pretty spectacular staycation. I took a few east coast daytrips here and there, but most of my time was spent being a tourist in my own city – how lucky am I? I worked really hard over spring and summer and forgot to take a few holidays, so this week came as a bit of a surprise. I decided to fill it by spending time with all the people I don’t often get to see because of working a full-time job. One of those people was Rebecca, my single partner in crime and sassy Falkirk friend who joined me for shopping, popcorn, cocktails and afternoon tea in Edinburgh! 

It sounds like the most basic girls’ day out ever, and let’s be honest, it was. But who cares? Sometimes it just feels amazing to let go and do the mainstream, typical things that became ‘basic’ for a reason; they’re just so damn fun.

Shopping was obviously compulsory. First stop was Topshop, and I took some shameless selfies because this is one shop where I find the fitting rooms don’t make me look like an illuminated, wobbly and exhausted person. And most importantly, I don’t suddenly feel the need to stop eating cake and get myself to a spin class. We tried on a bunch of stuff, but Rebecca was the only one who bought anything. One week into November and I was already broke.

We didn’t go to a spa (I’ve never actually been on a spa day, ever), but we did make it to Lush! Rebecca is mad on Lush, so she explained how everything worked. I’ve always avoided it because I shy away from their in your face customer service style, and the woozy headache sensation I get walking past it. But call me converted; I adored my starry, whirling galaxy bath bomb!


Okay so I got covered in glitter after this bath; but that’s a good thing, right?

Also, there was free popcorn on Castle Street! Pop Works & Co Popcorn had a funky hut with apple pie popcorn and other weird (but amazing) flavours.

Afternoon tea is probably the next most predictable activity on a definitive girls’ day out. We went to One Square for a chocolate themed one, and it was spectacular. They start you off with a chocolate mousse guessing game, and a personal highlight for me was the cute bottle of chocolate raspberry milkshake on the side. Review coming soon!


Loving Rebecca’s new hair length!


Feeling fancy!

Wanting to feel a little cultured, we visited the National Museum of Scotland and explored the science, fashion and nature galleries. I got a little bit hooked on the stars and galaxies exhibit; and a little more so at the mineralogy section. Maybe it’s time to get back into my mineral and gemstone phase?

By this point the rain was pouring down and Edinburgh was beyond miserable. We dashed across the road to Vodka Revs for a few drinks and, I’m not at all guilty to say, a two-course meal.

What’s a definitive girls’ day out for you?

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