Photo of Eve.My name’s Eve (definitely not Evie). A twenty-four year old female writing about Edinburgh and the things I don’t want to forget; the things that inspire me; the things that make my friends laugh and the things that have taught me a lot about myself.

So if you want to read about the time I made an instant best friend over a panic attack; the ‘incredible’ cakes I make; what it’s like to capsize in the Caribbean Sea; or how me and my other 1990s girls (and guys) are surviving life as graduates, then you might like to check in from time to time.

Another good reason might be that you need to know where the cool things are in Edinburgh, immediately.

I also love cacti, string lights, music, postcards, cornflakes, balloons, jenga, outrageous horoscopes and lipstick.


P.S. Check out my cake blog

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