The amazing things I’ve acquired off Tinder

5th February 2017

I never thought I’d find myself comparing Tinder to eBay, but I’ve somehow collected a number of interesting objects over the years; the seemingly unimportant things left behind by dates of Tinder past. Here are a few of my favourites!

A laptop

This was a timely object to be left behind by a Tinder match – my laptop was on the brink of death and I needed something to play The Sims on. It was an Acer laptop, with a wide screen and a few broken keys, but it did the job – for a while. I got to keep it because he was backpacker going home with limited luggage allowance!

A grey t-shirt

A short Fringe fling gave me a new piece for my wardrobe! After he left Edinburgh, he stayed with me a few times and lost one of his favourite t-shirts at my place. I found it a few weeks later after he eventually stopped keeping in touch. I could have snapchatted him, I could have sent it somewhere. But really, I quite liked it for myself. And if a guy doesn’t even say a passing ‘how are you?’ anymore, he doesn’t deserve his shirt back. It’s now got a few holes in it and I use it for spin class and yoga. Sorry not sorry.

An heirloom watch

Ahh this was a difficult one. I dated him casually for a while until he ghosted me (he’s my friend now so I have to smile a little when I write this), and one day I noticed a heavy watch sitting on my desk (a desk which I barely used by the way). Sure wasn’t mine, I hate watches. While I was happy to keep a laptop and a grey shirt, I didn’t feel right holding onto this watch. It looked old, and I was right; it was a family heirloom which he carelessly left behind at my place. I made sure this one was returned.

A rugby hat

I love hats, and can never have too many of them! The only reason I got to keep this one (even though it has his initials stitched onto the back) was because it was too small for his head. Winning.

A Lush bath bomb

Does this count if it was a gift? I’m going to say yes because he actually gave it to me on our first date. It was really sweet, even if he didn’t realise that it was packed full of hearts which exploded in my bath.

Business cards

Why do guys do this? I don’t know where they all are, but I’ve got a small handful of drab business cards that Tinder dates have given me when we’ve met. Needless to day, we probably didn’t meet for a second date…

What’s your weirdest Tinder keepsake?




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