A birthday treat to myself – New website!

25th November 2016

You know when you’re just not satisfied with something, and it’s always on your mind? I was getting to the point where I wasn’t feeling inspired to write anymore, all because my blog looked so drab. Take a handful of blurry iPhone photos and a stiff, free WordPress theme and voila! You have a boring blog.

It was time to make the move from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, and I was going to need a little help to do it. Cue pipdig – the place to get a serious new design for Blogger or WordPress, and your migration is all taken care of.

The only extra little bit of effort I had to put in was to pay for my website hosting with SiteGround. That’s not expensive at all, and the tech support you get is massively reassuring!

Now, I’ve got my Asana schedule filled up with posts, interviews and playlists ready to take on the new year! And on that note, I’ve got a few big things planned for 2017 which you might have noticed sitting patiently at the top of the page.

Finally, I’ve added Facebook to my little group of social – so if you like to hang out there, you could always give it a like if you enjoy my posts!

I have to go (kind of) collect a birthday cake for me and the girls now (rush mania), but let me know what you think of the new look!



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4 responses to “A birthday treat to myself – New website!”

  1. Jean Smith says:

    Love the new look! Can’t wait for 2017

  2. Hassan says:

    This looks amazing!! Here are my fav parts (that I’ve noticed so far):
    1 – The homepage looks great! So many amazing pictures that are attracting my eye towards what I should read next!
    2 – The top bit where we can clone ourselves like you!
    3 – The deep integration into Instagram, and that I can see and click through on them!
    4 – The top menu is really nice AND it has your social icons on the right. I just discovered you have pinterest!

    Awesome! Great choice! Excited to see this come more alive!

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