Diary: Lockdown

2nd May 2020

‘Diarist’ is a word that has been playing on my mind lately. It’s taken until my mid-twenties for my journaling ‘habit’ to happen, yet recently I’ve been thinking about this word ‘diarist’ and how some writers have been described as such. Did they write their journals knowing they would be read by others? Is that why the language is so eloquent and the entries un-mundane? My journals are full of secrets, not just my own, and if they were ever read by another person I don’t expect to be around to hear their reaction.


Photo of social distancing guidance in boots.

Nothing is how it was.


They’re full of the boring things, what I did and what I ate, what he said and what she said. Occasionally I ramble on about some thought or fixation, but nothing in my journals is ‘eloquent’, and why should it be? At least in my lifetime the only person reading these pages is me. So who would I be writing to?


7 Wonders Duel! A two-player game from a small shop in Edinburgh.


Yet lately I’ve been feeling some strange pressure to be a ‘diarist’ and turn my journals into some kind of an artform. Lockdown is adding to that pressure. We are living through a truly unprecedented (I hate that word) time in history, and one day people will study our time. They will maybe even read the diaries of those who lived in the early 2020s. My account of lockdown is perhaps not what they’d be looking for, as I’m one of the more fortunate ones.


Daily exercise has been a highlight for me, especially when the weather has been this good.


I don’t live with young children, I am able to keep working, my boyfriend is doing lockdown with me, and I live in a city where I can get just about anything I want safely delivered to me. In this way, I’m very lucky. I certainly had my wobbles in the beginning, and I was extremely nervous about living in the confines of my small flat for the foreseeable future. Would my OCD and intrusive thoughts kick in really bad again? Would I cope with endless hours with little distraction? What if I actually got sick? What if a family member got sick?


These lovehearts were tucked away in the box my new kettle arrived in.


I didn’t think ‘what if this suits my introverted personality?’, ‘what if this brings me closer to my brothers?’, ‘what if I connect with my friends more often?’, ‘what if I can be home to receive every delivery of every wonderful thing I order from Edinburgh’s small businesses?’. I feel guilty that there are positives to this horrible scenario. I feel bad that I’m somehow enjoying work so much more now that my office is so very ‘me’ and I can do my washing on my lunch break. The only real negative to my personal situation is how badly I miss my parents and my dog. And obviously seeing people, but then again: introvert(ish).


Instead of going ‘out out’, I’ve been ordering wines from local wine bars.


I want lockdown to end, that’s a truth. More than anything I want people to be safe. So how do we achieve both? I really don’t know, but a part of me wants something of this lockdown to carry on into normal life once we’re past the worst of this. Don’t ask me what exactly.


Now, for the mundane things, a good old list. During lockdown (so far) I:


I think that’s all I wanted to say for now. I didn’t even really expect to write this blog, it just kind of happened. Stay safe everyone.

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2 responses to “Diary: Lockdown”

  1. Jean Smith says:

    An interesting approach to this Weird world we find ourselves in. I think it shows how strong and vulnerable you can be and even although it’s very sad and distressing at times you have to appreciate all that is good and you have clearly done so. The day will come when this will be “in the past” and you have helped us get through it so thanks 🙏

  2. Val says:

    I really enjoy reading your ‘diaries’, Eve. You are truly very gifted.
    Stay safe. 😊

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