Diary: Twenty-four

27th November 2016

It was a pizza-fuelled party hat kind of day, and if what I’ve enjoyed so far is anything to go by, twenty-four is going to be magical. The celebrations began a week ago when I chopped off my hair, waxed my eyebrows and bought a bronze transparent dress. Hello, twenty-four. 

A birthday affair isn’t a one night stand – it’s got to be at least several days worth of partying, booze and good company. Then, you’ve got to wind it all down with smudged make-up, a bubble bath and prosecco.

Night One


Josh beat me to the bus stop. Once I arrived, we dashed across the lanes of traffic to dinner at Foundry 39 where we ate good burgers, even better sweet potato chips and drank cold beer. The real agenda of this evening was to find a decent Zombie cocktail. Where this tradition came from, I don’t really know – but I remember discovering my first Zombie in Mexico; the transformation era. So, where do you go in Edinburgh for a sensational Zombie? 52 Canoes, no question. Two glass skulls with strawberry eyes and a drunken quest to unravel the mysterious origins of our relatively short friendship ensued. I love you Josh!

Night Two


Jay Gatsby was in town on Friday. He did make us trail all the way out to the Corn Exchange, but if there’s going to be confetti cannoned across the dancefloor, then I won’t complain. Except I did, just a little. The best part about this night was getting all dressed up with The Wooden Spoons & Co., my band of Falkirk girls and guys who looked like they had just stepped out of Gossip Girl as we were queue jumping our way into the biggest party in Edinburgh on Friday evening.

Night Three


My newest, unbelievably awesome friend Hassan spoiled me on Saturday. We found this incredible little speakeasy which will remain unnamed for now (and no, it’s not Hoots or Pandas…), where we sipped cocktails in an Edinburgh cellar. But, this is Hassan we’re talking about, so of course we didn’t just do one thing. In one night: we sampled the prohibition era, admired a Tesla, critiqued Harvey Nichol’s window displays, helter-skeltered, ferris-wheeled, ate fried potatoes, got merry, found ourselves caught in a miniature snowstorm, drank the hardest drink in the secret vodka bar, did shots in Banshee’s, somehow two-manned Hive, and ended the night with a chippie. I can’t think of a better way to bring in my birthday!

Night Four


My beautiful family joined me for pizza at good old La Favorita in Leith. We got cosy around a massive table and sang happy birthday in true lights out, loud music, lots of attention La Favorita style! I still loved it. We finished the evening in my flat eating my Mum’s incredible coconut and parsnip birthday cake, opening presents and playing musical statues with the littlest Smiths.


As I write this, I’m having a blissfully quiet night under a blanket in my fun, grown-up and shamelessly girly flat. People love their birthdays, or they hate them. Every single birthday I’ve celebrated has been entirely different, but one thing will always stay true – the people that party with me are the only tradition that has ever mattered. Old, new, far or near; you are all incredible.

Let’s see what twenty-four brings to the table!

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  1. Kirsty Smith says:

    Love your blog Eve, definitely a fun filled week and start of an amazing new birthday year! X

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