Edinburgh’s shopping scene

15th December 2015

People often cite Glasgow as Scotland’s shopping destination; and while I might be inclined to agree, Edinburgh has some hidden (and some not so hidden) gems worth getting your purse out for. Here are ten of my favourite places to shop in the city: 

1. Anthropologie, George Street

If I was allowed only one shop from which to furnish my home, this would be it. Anthropologie on George Street is a treasure trove of beautiful things that are prettily displayed and expertly wrapped. Think boho-chic, and try not to go too wild when you step through the door.

2. Brotique, Queen Street

I come from a family of boys: brothers, cousins, nephews. At twenty-three I am still the youngest girl and holder of the ‘girl throne’. That simply means I’ve got a lot of boys to buy for at birthdays and Christmasses, so I’m quite glad that Brotique exists to help me help the men in my life. Think #ManHampers…It’s also insanely cool, so beware if you’re fundamentally against hipsterism or looking anything like a ‘modern man’.

3. Bra Bohag, Easter Road

Photo of Bra Bohag.

I love this little shop. I walk past it every single morning which makes it my most window-shopped location in Edinburgh at the moment. I spent a few weeks admiring a painting by David Ewans in the window during November. ‘Bra Bohag’ means ‘good furnishings’ in Swedish and everything in here certainly fits that name.

Painting by David Ewans.

David Ewans artwork, picture from Bra Bohag Facebook page.

4. Harvey Nichols, St. Andrew Square

Dominating window displays and Mac makeup, not to mention the foodie haven on the top floor; these are just some of the reasons why this first class department store made the cut. It’s tempting to dress up a bit when shopping here though, as everything between the cosmetic department on the bottom floor and the food department on the top floor is completely out of the typical student or graduate price range…

5. Jenners, Princes Street

One of the oldest department stores in the world, don’t stray too far from the beaten path as you will most likely get lost in this maze! I enjoy shopping here at Christmas as it has something for just about everyone. It also just feels insanely classy, and I wouldn’t mind if I got to go back in time to experience it in the 1950s.

6. Topshop, Princes Street

Personal shopping at Toyshop.

There are good Topshop stores on most major high streets, and then there are great ones. Edinburgh’s Topshop is two floors, plus a Topman, of fashion. I recently got to experience the Personal Shopping department, and I highly recommend trying it at least once. They give you free bottles of water and gift-wrap all of your items! It’s also right beside Waverley Station, so you don’t have far to carry your clothes if you’re heading home by train.

7. Beets, Bernard Street

Beets shop window.

Beets is a liquor store by The Shore that stocks seriously cool bottles. I buy most of my wine here, and I save all the bottles from the Some Young Punks range because they decorate my flat very nicely. Some bottles I’ve tried from Beets are, ‘Board Meeting’, ‘Passion has Red Lips’, ‘Boom Boom’ (as this is actually my absurd nickname), and my favourite so far, ‘Kiss Ass, Bosses Blend’.

8. Olivar Bonas, Hanover Street

I’ve had friends say they’ve gone in this shop and found so many things that would make a perfect gift for me. The only problem is they don’t buy anything because they have a feeling they’ve already seen the item in my flat; and they’re not wrong! Oliver Bonas is a great place to buy affordable gifts, especially jewellery that looks good but doesn’t break the bank. Everything is so pretty, and it’s just along from Hoot the Redeemer where you can go for a well-deserved cocktail after all this shopping.

9. Royal Mile Market, Royal Mile

Stall at Tron market.

The only market to make my list, the market inside Tron Kirk is nothing short of spectacular. The stalls change frequently, as does the food vendor in the church. It’s quirky, eclectic and packed full of people. The great thing is that most of the stalls accept card payments, so you’ll not be left stuck for cash. I recently bought this print by Diedododa:

Print by Diedododa.

10. Hannah Zakari, Candlemaker Row

This boutique leading down to The Grassmarket is refreshingly unique and creative. I’ve picked up a few things here, including a cute budgie garland that is now stringed across my kitchen window. It’s mostly accessories and art you’ll find here which makes it the perfect place to pick up small but meaningful gifts.

What other boutiques and shops do you love in Edinburgh?

Market sign.

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