My first real St Paddy’s Day

19th March 2017

Who knew that Guinness hats could cause so much drama? I’ve never really done a proper St Paddy’s Day before, and even this one was a little bit of a cheat. Unlike everyone else in the bar, our group hadn’t been drinking since 12pm…you know, day jobs and all that. Throw in a little Six Nations revelry into the mix and the night felt a lot like how New Year’s Eve is supposed to – way better than you imagined!

Except for when we got in trouble for pinching some guy’s Guinness hat. Thankfully we weren’t the only ones who thought he was being unreasonable, and a couple of friendly Irish guys jumped in when the bouncer got called over. The irony is that it wasn’t even his hat; he had already stolen it from someone else, which is kind of the etiquette of St Paddy’s Day…sharing is caring, you know?

Selfie with the awesome photographer at Finnegan’s Wake!

Moving on. I’m so incredibly glad that I prepared for the worst with a fridge full of bacon, sausages and black pudding. Plus three glasses of water beside my bed and a couple of pastries. St Paddy’s Day is not for the faint hearted, especially when you’re out with a bunch of like-minded girls who order rounds of shots in between Guinnesses…

At one point, I followed an Irish guy called Cuddy into a room that turned out to be green face painting headquarters. Face painting! Cuddy was hilarious, and had a permanent smile. He even gave me his Irish flags to wear – just like that. We all got little clovers painted onto the sides of our faces with a dusting of glitter.

Back where the live band was, the floor was bouncing. It felt like freestyle ceilidhing with a lot of kissing. That’s the luck of the Irish I guess…

We stayed for six hours…I can’t believe we stayed in one bar for six hours! As we left, I caught a glimpse of the new Avengers set being assembled (I’m not even going to apologise for that pun) on Cockburn Street. We’ve to prepare ourselves for small explosions in the coming weeks – not to mention the possibility of bumping into Chris Hemsworth…or you know any of the Avengers for that matter. A girl can hope, right?

P.S. None of these pictures are mine – they’ve come from various phones of the amazing girls I was out with, and the top two are from Finnegan’s Wake with the photographer pictured!

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  1. Jean Smith says:

    Your great Aunt Agnes would be proud of you, celebrating St Patrick’s Day in style

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