Fore Play Crazy Golf

7th March 2020

Sometimes when the news is getting you down and supermarkets are running out of toilet paper, a good laugh is just what you need. My approach to the coronavirus panic is to carry on as normal, keep having fun, wash my hands a bit too much, and keep eating loads of fruit and veg.


I’ll admit, the first Friday night of Edinburgh’s new pop-up crazy golf was a lot quieter than I was expecting. Did people shy away at the thought of sharing putters with a bunch of strangers? It was good news for us as we didn’t have to wait for people in front to move through ‘The Monument’ course, a nine-hole Edinburgh inspired crazy golf set up.



I love events at the Biscuit Factory – you never really know what you’re going to get. Fore Play stood out for its super friendly staff and simple good fun, but was it the best crazy golf pop-up I’ve ever been to? No, not really. I think Street Food Putter Club did it better at the Biscuit Factory a few years back. It was still a great wee innuendo-filled night out though, and they’ve got the venue looking really good.


We had booked in for the 8-9pm slot, but when we arrived we were told to choose a start time – I think that demonstrates how very un-busy it was. Again, the quietness worked in our favour as it left us more time for some of that famous Pitt Market food before our round. There were visors on sale for £2 which a few people who were really getting into it were loving. We could see the course from the check-in desk and it really was small! But it looked intriguing nonetheless.


The food scene was cute – they had a little golf themed collection point – and we had the choice of a handful of Pitt Market favourites. I wasn’t surprised to see the buttermilk chicken there, but I did wonder who was making the food behind the counter – it’s not like the actual food vans from the Pitt were there. Then, when I saw Naveed’s chicken burger, it really wasn’t the giant, unbelievably good one you get from The Buffalo Truck – it was tiny but still cost about £7 if my memory is correct. That was a definite let down. On the up side, the beers were on point! They also had a nice, reasonably priced, golf-themed cocktail list which looked good.



On a side note, the ideal food partners for this event would 100% have been Bross Bagels and their ‘come fill your hole!’ approach to life – don’t you think?


When it came to our round, we did have loads of fun. We matched each other’s score for a lot of the game, but Naveed beat me by three points at the very end (36 – 33)! That meant he got to sit behind the wheel of the club car photo booth, an agreement I very much regret making at the start of the game. While the second and last holes are undoubtedly Edinburgh themed (Greyfriars Bobby and the Scott Monument), the others were absolutely generic. If you want to manage those expectations before you go (which I did not), then check out the holes here. (P.S. they’re not quite in the same order as shown on the website). They were the exact right level of challenging though which was good.


This one is called ‘Loop de Loop’ and this is where it went very downhill for me!


I think my expectations of Fore Play were a lot higher than what they could actually deliver (I cannot believe I just wrote that sentence on here). It’s a good night, and if you go knowing what to expect, it’s definitely worth it. It’s obviously no Ghetto Golf, but it’s also not quite the level of quirky and amazing I had in mind. My tip would be to eat elsewhere (even the actual Pitt Market around the corner if you’re going on a weekend), save your pennies for the lovely drinks and get your picture taken in that awesome pink car.


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  1. Jean Smith says:

    Nice honest review. Still sounds like loads of fun. Some good tips – thanks

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