I’m not Josie Grossie anymore!

29th October 2017

It’s strange when Halloween is midweek; I’ve forgotten about it already and it hasn’t even happened yet. The last time I put any effort into a costume was in 2015 when I dressed as a Bloody Mary cocktail complete with a celery stick in my hair. I’m not the most enthusiastic when it comes to fancy dress, but this year I gave it a bash. Remember the amazing ‘Never Been Kissed’? I took my Halloween inspiration from Drew Barrymore’s ‘Josie Grossie’ this year…

I think I pulled it off pretty well, don’t you? I definitely felt like Josie Grossie as I walked into bars around Edinburgh last night. Most other girls were in fishnets, hot pants and killer make-up, while I was wearing white feather boas around my wrists. OH WELL.

The shopping list:

Putting it together:

My friends enjoyed making me look terrible with a can of hairspray, but they did a really awesome job! I kept my make-up fairly basic (I couldn’t bring myself to go full Josie Grossie with the face), and the rest just involved a little glue and far too many feathers. Top tip: that empty chocolate milk bottle makes for an excellent little hip-flask…

The friends:

Josie Grossie, Flower Crown Snapchat filter, Regina George, Pirate

Stacey stole the show with her Regina George costume – she even had a Burn Book which we all featured in! Bec kept her make-up flawless as the Flower Crown Snapchat filter, and Chloe killed it in her pirate costume complete with parrot (which happily flew away inside Liquid Rooms).

Just about dropped the tray in this photo…gin included!

Next year we’re going to try and co-ordinate…any ideas?

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  1. Jean Smith says:

    Maybe back to the future next year since it’s gone before it happens lol!?!

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