Have you been to The Pitt?

26th March 2016

It’s rare that most people ever have a reason to go to an industrial estate on a Saturday; but if it’s the last Saturday of the month and you happen to be in Edinburgh, you might just want to wander along the seemingly unexciting Pitt Street. 


At number 125, there is a disused space in between blocks of warehouses that today was (is) buzzing with food and drink vendors and people. The rain was drizzling down over the partially covered market, and the fire pits were attracting clusters of friends and strangers enjoying beers, Mexican food, cupcakes and more. Tucked at the very back of the market was a kind of a stage where, at the bright and early time I arrived, the musicians were still setting themselves up.


I stepped inside a kind of steel container full of cake (is that not some kind of a dream scenario?), and they had carrot cupcakes, mojito cheesecake pots, Easter decorations and countless more flavours to pick from. I chose a black forest gateaux cupcake which was ridiculously tasty. Audrey, who baked all of the creations was so friendly – something I could say for all of the vendors at this event.



Next, I found myself at Rost, a splash of green among the grey warehouses. I picked up a rather delicious plate of truffled mac ‘n’ cheese here and chatted with the lovely vendors about, well, Easter. There were plenty of pop-up bars around as well if you fancied a drink.



It’s a pretty special market, and the selection of vendors is so diverse that there will be something for all tastes. Is market the right word for it? I don’t know, it’s more like a gathering I guess. There are no hard sells, nobody is trying to attract your attention – it honestly feels like a party in someone’s back yard!

Useful things to know: Dress up warm, bring cash (although some vendors accept card), bring a pound for the entry raffle (optional), there are little portacabin toilets, kids are welcome until 8pm, it’s a dog friendly market.


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