Diary: Hello twenty-three

9th December 2015


I’m feeling fresh, and this is despite having a belated birthday bottle of wine or two with Josh last night. I honestly didn’t think I was going to like turning 23; it’s an odd age and the realisation that I’ll soon be over the mid-twenties hump started to make me anxious. But then that line from ‘Downtown’ just sprung into my head, you know the one;

‘chill the fuck out, mow your damn lawn and sit the hell down!’

So I did, and now I feel okay. My birthday was actually a couple of weeks ago, and like always it was a big deal. Challengingly so in 2015, as I shared my birthday with my graduation and then my best friend’s wedding the  morning after… 

The theme of this year’s birthday was balloons and naked cakes. My Mum traditionally makes my birthday cake every year, and she knows I’ve been obsessing over naked cakes covered in flowers recently (think Lily Vanilli), and so she made this stunner of a cake to celebrate, well everything. The bottom tier was carrot cake, and the top was mojito cake! Lucky girl, eh? We celebrated at The Beer Kitchen, the home of my favourite burger and lager in Edinburgh.

Then there were the balloons. I went a bit mad ordering lots of gorgeous balloons for myself; but look how pretty they are! I even got miniature ones to decorate my cupcakes with. If ever there was a simple way to make a cupcake look awesome, that’s it. We were all in bed by 2am (I promise) and the turnaround from party girl to bridesmaid was one of the most impressive things I’ve done since turning 23.

Photo of a cake with hangover candles.

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