Making pancakes in the rain

5th March 2019

This is my last week working in the city centre and I’m so glad I was here for pancake day. One of my favourite bakeries in Edinburgh is just a few steps from my office, and I had an inkling they’d have something totally unexpected and unusual on their cake counter this morning. They are the bakers behind West Port’s famous Sconefest after all.

As it turns out, I was right. A quick check on social media told me that my pancake day dreams were about to come true. Behold, The Empire Pancake! Anyone who knows me also knows that my favourite biscuit in the world is the empire biscuit (closely followed by the custard cream, or a more recent discovery, the cranachan cream). So, thank you Tasty Buns for making your pancake day offering empire biscuit-inspired. It was a sight to behold, and a tasty morning treat for the office.

Photo of a biscuit topped with an iced pancake and filled with jam.

Just look at this! The Empire Pancake by Tasty Buns.

My ode to the pancake didn’t stop there. Despite the soaking wet rain at midday, I trudged up the hill to The Meadows to line up for some of Tupiniquim’s famous Brazilian crepes. They’re gluten free and packed full of smashing flavours. I chose a savoury snack, a crepe named ‘Release the Chicken’ which was filled with grilled chicken, cheese, avocado, sweetcorn and spinach.

While my crepe was being lovingly assembled, I switched my umbrella for a spatula and stood in front of a cart with four hot pans, bunches of bananas and lots of chocolate. On this special day, Tupiniquim were giving away free pancakes! The only caveat being you had to make it yourself, and I can honestly say I’ve never had so much fun on a lunch break until now. Brazilian tunes in the rain, flipping a pancake on the street and smothering it in Nutella and bananas, could it be any better?

Photo of four pans on a grill with a sign saying make your own free pancake,

The pancake making station.

So yes, I had three pancakes today and I don’t regret a single one of them. What do you think of my flipping skills?

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2 responses to “Making pancakes in the rain”

  1. Jean Smith says:

    Monumental celebration of pancake day, thanks for sharing

  2. Val says:

    Fantastic! I believe you have done that before!!

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