4th January 2016

Like most of the population, Mondays are not my favourite day. The first Monday of the year in particular is not destined to be a great Monday. That being said, I decided I might as well start the year off on the right foot…wearing red boots of course. 

I haven’t done the whole ‘it’s a new year post’, because I really just want to get on with things. But I will stop for a moment and reflect, or else I’ll just go full steam ahead and probably end up having a breakdown somewhere along the way in Crazy April (as it so often seems to happen).

2015 was awesome. I’m reminding myself of this because the first few weeks of January last year did feel pretty miserable. I started last year with black boots (not red) and ended up losing my toenail because they were too tight and I walked too far in them after a horrendous date. The toenail grew back, just saying. But then a few weeks later I met an incredible guy. The first someone whom I had ever had real feelings for.

Of course every year has its downs as well as its ups. That guy is now living on the other side of the planet, which is of course a huge downer. Although ironically I think we actually grew closer as a result. While he was away I graduated with my second degree, I got my first full time job and then I was bridesmaid to my beautiful friend in a stunning Scottish castle. I met some pretty incredible people along the way as well, even if they were only passing by.

Now to the year ahead, I think I may have more to look forward to than I have had in any other year. I’m starting a Bollywood dance course tomorrow night; I’ll be going to see Legally Blonde the Musical, and I’ve got tickets for The Cat Empire not long after that. I’ll be going on my first girls’ holiday somewhere sunny in Europe, and then I’m off to my first ever music festival in Wales. I’m glad I’m using the word first a lot. Then maybe, just maybe, something really exciting will be happening. I just don’t want to think that far ahead.

Boden Bag.

So back to the present, where I like to keep myself; here is my Boden bag waiting to be filled this morning. It’s a golden, glittery bucket bag with a gorgeous pattern on the inside and pockets in all the right places. Thank you Mum! This is just what I needed to brighten up my first Monday back into the real world. 2016 will be awesome, and one bad day certainly doesn’t make a bad year.

Happy New Year!

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