Necklace for an Elephant

27th February 2016

I had an absolutely ace day today! Woke up with a thousand ideas in my head, had another go at yoga (and actually enjoyed it this time), then went out to spend the day with my nephew. While he is discovering his relationship with food, we went to good old Pizza Hut for a fantastically child-friendly menu and kick-ass service on Hanover Street. I’m not kidding, the guy that greeted us at the door was all over my nephew’s Captain America t-shirt and started doing superhero impressions and everything. Lewis loved it, so thank you to that waiter for giving a damn. 

We then wandered over to Camera Obscura via the beautiful Edinburgh University where I took Lewis to his ‘first day of class’ (never mind the fact he still hasn’t quite had his first day of school yet!). Who knows what he’ll choose to do in the future! Camera Obscura was of course ridiculously fun, and we finished off the afternoon with a smoothie and a glass of milk at Hula. One high-five later and Lewis headed back home to Falkirk with Mum and Dad; and I veered off to browse a book shop for the next hour.

Edinburgh, Not Evie

What I came out with was four new books and a sweet little comic strip about zombies taking over Edinburgh and a man named Scott saving the day. The comic I read as soon as I got home, it was thoroughly enjoyable and cost me the grand total of £1.99. Scott vs Zombies gets even more awesome by creatively presenting a different perspective on Autism. You can find out more about it over on Artlink’s website.

As for the books? Well I picked up The Girl on the Train, Fahrenheit 451, The Bell Jar, and a piece of YA fiction called The Lie Tree which has really gotten me intrigued. More on those later…

Now for my great excitement of the day! I finally got around to visiting Dovecot Gallery on Infirmary Street. I’ve passed it a million times and was convinced it was just a one-roomed shop with a little cafe on the side. I was so wrong it’s actually embarrassing. The shop is actually really interesting, super quirky and colourful; and there was a massive exhibition space just off of it, hidden from street-view. The current exhibition is David Poston’s ‘Necklace for Elephant and Other Stories’, and I never thought a jewellery exhibition could intrigue me so much. There was even a bench where you could try on bangles, and I’m a big fan of interactive galleries. I won’t say much about it, but it’s there until March 26th 2016 and is well worth a visit, and is completely free to explore.

Necklace for an Elephant, Not Evie

Necklace for an Elephant

Does my neck look big in this?

‘Does my neck look big in this?’

Bangles from Necklace for an Elephant exhibition, Not Evie

Then, then oh then oh then! I went upstairs. And as I had been out all afternoon with Lewis I arrived at Dovecot in the early evening when there was almost nobody left. There was certainly nobody upstairs. I hesitantly stepped into a space so unexpected that I just had to stand for a minute. It was a massive balcony overlooking a silent, empty studio that seemed to be stopped in time. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was. Here’s a snapshot into one of my new favourite places in Edinburgh:

Dovecot, Not Evie.

Dovecot, Not Evie

Orangutan at Dovecot, Not Evie

Stairs at Dovecot, Not Evie

Dovecot, Not Evie

‘Fertility Rug’ – Nick Evans, Jonathan Cleaver

Dovecot, Not Evie

‘After Benches’ – Tom Phillips, Edinburgh Tapestry Company

Dovecot, Not Evie.

Dovecot, Not Evie

‘I will eat the shuttle ere I reveal the secrets of the craft’ – Ruth Ewan, Jonathan Cleaver

You have to go visit Dovecot.



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  1. Jean Smith says:

    Can’t believe I missed this lovely, informative and very colourful post! Really enjoyed reading it

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