Out of the Blue flea market

24th September 2016

I moved to Leith. Where Abbeyhill is full of craft shops, studios and hobby-making; Leith is grittier with graffiti, murals, take-aways, independent shops and, as I happily discovered today, a flea market. On the last Saturday of each month, Out of the Blue Drill Hall on Dalmeny Street turns into an Aladdin’s Cave of vintage and obscure. Here’s what I bought…

There was an immense selection of things: a photography studio lamp, cigar boxes, books, hats, vanity cases and clothes. One of the first things I caught sight of was a silver mermaid brooch. Instantly falling in love with it, I sadly had to leave it behind as the trader wouldn’t go below £12. It wasn’t worth that. The same happened with a green cashmere, rolled neck jumper. It had a faint stain on the front and no labels, but she would only take £15. No luck there then.


The magpies in the room were all over the costume jewellery and trinkets spread across stalls around the hall. I was on the look out for dainty rings, but the traders only had big jewels and statement pieces today.


I spoke to book sellers as I was after George Orwell’s 1984 for my boozy book club. One woman told me she loved Orwell couldn’t ever part with his books. So what did I come home with?


Vase (£3), soup bowls (50p each), dominoes (£4)

Those soup bowls were only 50p each, now that’s what I’m talking about! I bought all four of them, already thinking ahead for my winter recipes. The colours in this little vase caught my eye: reds and blues. My new living room is deep reds and blues, so it already felt like it belonged.


Finally, the dominoes. I used to play dominoes all the time with my Gran as a child, and I needed them for my coffee – games table. They were unopened and satisfyingly heavy – now I’ve just got to find some players!

What I’m looking for at next month’s flea market:

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  1. creepingash says:

    please tell me you bought those dominoes!!

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