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Review: One Square – Chocolate afternoon tea

9th November 2016

You just know that an afternoon tea beginning with a chocolate-themed guessing game is going to be good – and it didn’t disappoint! One Square is the Sheraton Hotel restaurant opposite Usher Hall, and their afternoon tea is a little bit different from all the rest. Think chocolate, lots of chocolate. …

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12 hours in Dundee

8th November 2016

It all started with the wrong train ticket and a missing railcard. I remained calm because I refused to give up at the first hurdle. A drive past Dundee at the weekend was disheartening, and I was rapidly regretting my decision to visit. But I didn’t want to leave Dundee unseen – we don’t have that many cities in Scotland. So, at almost double the…

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Review: Wahaca – They have hibiscus water!

I first encountered Wahaca at the start of autumn when they were giving out free tacos in the park. It was a good taco, and it was a sunny day. This probably stuck in my memory; so this weekend when I was frozen to my core, I collected Erin from the train station and steered us in the direction of Edinburgh’s newest Mexican restaurant. You…

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A definitive girls’ day out

7th November 2016

Last week I had a pretty spectacular staycation. I took a few east coast daytrips here and there, but most of my time was spent being a tourist in my own city – how lucky am I? I worked really hard over spring and summer and forgot to take a few holidays, so this week came as a bit of a surprise. I decided to…

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Agritourism is my new favourite thing

6th November 2016

It’s happened, I’ve become a proper city girl. While I love the outdoors and would jump in a kayak or climb a hill at any given moment; I’m also devilishly glued to my phone and an expert at jaywalking and dodging traffic. The last time I pulled out my walking shoes was for a music festival, and I haven’t been up north in years. What…

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I have superpowers, okay?

23rd October 2016

When somebody asks the question, ‘what would be your favourite superpower?’, I always say that I’d love to be able to teleport myself to anywhere in the world. Unsurprisingly, I can’t do this, and indeed my superpower is something quite different. Instead, I have this amazing ability to be hyperaware of my surroundings. My hearing is impeccable – I could hear a tap being switched…

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Make your own home recording studio

13th October 2016

I recently caught up with my brother and musician Paul at Steakpie Studios for tea and yum yums. His studio is so cool, that I had to get it down on paper in an interview, and ask him how he made it in the first place. So, as a bonus, here’s his guide featuring twelve things you’ll need to build your first homemade music studio.…

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