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The untold story of Steakpie Studios: Paul Henry Smith

13th October 2016

‘Six of those songs were recorded in a professional studio back in ‘95 – and that was when I fell in love with the idea of building my own studio.’…

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Living solo – here’s my new place!

26th September 2016

There’s been a flood, a broken window and police tape; but I’m in love with my new flat and the old tenement building I live in. Living solo is a great thing to experience, even though I know lots of my friends have said that they would hate it. But as someone who loves my own space and my things, it’s a no brainer…even if…

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Out of the Blue flea market

24th September 2016

I moved to Leith. Where Abbeyhill is full of craft shops, studios and hobby-making; Leith is grittier with graffiti, murals, take-aways, independent shops and, as I happily discovered today, a flea market. On the last Saturday of each month, Out of the Blue Drill Hall on Dalmeny Street turns into an Aladdin’s Cave of vintage and obscure. Here’s what I bought……

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Colony of Artists

23rd September 2016

Edinburgh has lots of pretty buildings, that’s a given. But away from Old Town’s showstopper of a skyline, there are streets upon streets of tenements, and occasionally, rows upon rows of colonies. For a girl like me, they’ve always seemed far from reach – quaint, quirky – expensive. But thankfully, they appear to be full of creative types who are more than happy to invite you…

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Festival No.6

12th September 2016

I’ve been excited about Autumn 2016 for a long time now. For starters, I’ve just moved into a flat by myself; it’s old, creaky and sans roommates (as wonderful as I know they can be). So far, I’ve been walking around in my underwear a lot and bumping into furniture, cardboard boxes and standing on pins; but it’s a huge step up from the mud-caked…

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10 reasons I’ve loved living in Abbeyhill

31st August 2016

My home for three years and the first place I rented a flat, Abbeyhill is a super underrated neighbourhood of Edinburgh. Friends of mine have brushed it off as ‘somewhere practically in Leith’, and others have declared it ‘dodgy’; but I’ve loved living in one of the oldest parts of the city. Here’s why: …

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The West’s Missing Food Group

23rd August 2016

How do you like your critters, fried, crumbled or dipped in chocolate? …

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