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Diary: Finding a Morag

24th July 2016

Growing up, there were always certain places that I loved the most. To escape school was the best feeling, and where I went next was always an adventure. There was my attic, dark and full of terrors at night; but by day it was an African plains filled with plastic animals, or a doll house village full of drama. If not there, then my front…

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Review: Topolabamba- Tequileria and tacos

20th July 2016

A fiery and welcome addition to Lothian Road’s food scene, Topolabamba has finally opened its doors in Edinburgh. Its tapas style menu is perfect for all appetites, and the exciting list of tequilas raises Topolabamba’s flag as a must-visit bar to set you up for a night-time fiesta. …

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Lobster Shack, that’s where it’s at

12th July 2016

Have you ever been to North Berwick? It’s a quirky little seaside town around twenty-five miles out of Edinburgh. I love it, and it has some of the best ice cream I’ve tasted in Scotland. …

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2nd July 2016

I made three mistakes when I ventured out to Pigneto. The first being that I decided to walk it. The others were that I wore sandals, and I set off just before noon. In hindsight, I should have made my way to this graffitied, arty district by Metro – at dusk. …

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An Airbnb first timer

30th June 2016

I poured another glass of red wine. Berlin was my city of choice, but Josh had already been to Germany. We needed to go somewhere new for both of us, and glancing at the rain lashing down the windows of my Edinburgh flat, I narrowed our European city break to somewhere very warm.…

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Grad Series: Can You Escape?

2nd June 2016

‘I can’t say I ever imagined myself running a business where I would lock people in a room for 60 minutes!’ Operation Deadlock and Operation Odyssey sound like plots that belong in a blockbuster movie, but it just so happens they are missions ready and waiting in Edinburgh’s Old Town. They belong to Can You Escape?, a small escape game on Holyrood Road that will…

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‘Vinyl is more a living entity of something’, so a record collector once told me.

15th May 2016
Photo of my Dad looking in a record shop window in Dunbar.

Henry Smith is a record collector. He is also my Dad. He’s been doing it since he was a teenager in the sixties, and now we’re sitting in his homemade garage complete with a bar and music listening room with vinyl artwork all over the walls. The room is tiny, wooden and full of personal touches, including a photo of a greying old boxer dog…

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