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Grad Series: Geologist

21st April 2016

Through the Eyes of a Scientist from James Gilgannon on Vimeo. It was inevitable that one day I would feature a geologist on Grad Series. The professor surrounded by books in this photo is Simon Harley, an Australian geologist and specifically a Professor of Lower Crustal Processes. His office is graced by the presence of a pet dog who I can remember being quietly allowed…

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The Hidden Door Launch Party

3rd April 2016

Last week the full programme for Hidden Door 2016 was announced at an epic launch party in Edinburgh’s Assembly Roxy. The night kicked off with poetry and drinks; and for me and Erin, some marker pens and a white cardboard house. …

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Have you been to The Pitt?

26th March 2016

It’s rare that most people ever have a reason to go to an industrial estate on a Saturday; but if it’s the last Saturday of the month and you happen to be in Edinburgh, you might just want to wander along the seemingly unexciting Pitt Street. …

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Grad Series: Public Affairs Volunteer

20th March 2016

‘One thing I’ve learned freelancing and volunteering is that the idea of going into a career straight away isn’t necessarily the way things work.’ From meeting Jon on a picnic bench outside of our student union, to attending my first ever comedy club with him; I always find myself learning something new in his company. Now that he’s left Birmingham to live here in sunny…

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What to expect at your first #MunchTogether

13th March 2016

Have you ever munched? I rang the buzzer of this unknown flat, and when the voice at the other end said hello, I said, ‘hi it’s Eve, I’m here for… the Munch?’. Anyone standing behind me might have giggled a little, I mean, I even laughed. For me it all began on my lunch break that very same day. I briefly glanced at Twitter and…

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Necklace for an Elephant

27th February 2016
Dovecot, Not Evie

I had an absolutely ace day today! Woke up with a thousand ideas in my head, had another go at yoga (and actually enjoyed it this time), then went out to spend the day with my nephew. While he is discovering his relationship with food, we went to good old Pizza Hut for a fantastically child-friendly menu and kick-ass service on Hanover Street. I’m not kidding,…

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Sunday Food Edit – one

21st February 2016
Iced Gems, Not Evie

This morning the dull sound of a fly buzzing intermittently resonated through my aching, dehydrated body. I soon realised I forgot to put Do Not Disturb on and my group chat was going crazy while I stirred from my sleep lodged somewhat uncomfortably in between four pillows and seriously regretting that last drink. I fell back asleep. …

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