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Putting the K back in Falkirk

15th February 2016

Every town has a defining feature, whether it be a famous cathedral, a modern tower or some ancient wall. I often portray my hometown quite negatively, because in truth I don’t like it. I simply grew out of it, and the centre of town makes me feel quite sad so that now I only go back for my favourite people and my dog. That being…

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Hello again, Pancake Day

8th February 2016
Fruity pancakes, Not Evie.

I for one do not like pancakes. But my Mum does, so I thought it would be fun to make them while I visited home this weekend – it was a good shout. …

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Grad Series: Hydrologist

28th January 2016
Jenny and Kate.

‘There’s a phone on my desk. It randomly goes off and I just pass it to the person next to me and say, ‘that’s definitely for you.’’ Jenny, my newlywed friend and marmite-lover, spent the last few weeks reading books on my sofa; so I took this opportunity between chapters to ask her all the grizzly details about her modern working life in an office…

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Bought it on Broughton Street

24th January 2016
Broughton Street, Not Evie.

A sloping road that has everything from tattoo parlours and florists, to Mexican basements and chocolatiers; Broughton Street, as my friends will tell you, is my favourite place to be in Edinburgh. …

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Grad Series: Film Production Assistant

4th January 2016
Screenshot from Netflix.

‘Half of who I am is built by real people I know, and the other half is built by movie characters’. This week I hung out with Natalie, a girl I met through one of my best friends and who likes to call me Holly (yet decided to name her sausage dog Eve). Natalie sailed her way through Storm Frank to spend NYE with us, so…

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Red boots and blue pom pom, Not Evie.

Like most of the population, Mondays are not my favourite day. The first Monday of the year in particular is not destined to be a great Monday. That being said, I decided I might as well start the year off on the right foot…wearing red boots of course. …

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Work It.

20th December 2015
Work space, Not Evie.

What kind of workspace gets you inspired? I know so many people who can’t stand to work in an office, their workspace has to be outside. I love that. For me, it depends what kind of work I’m doing. Most of my time is spent writing, so naturally I’m at a desk – unless I have pen and paper with me, then finding a spot…

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