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Diary: Twenty-six

28th November 2018
Photo of birthday balloons above a door.

Birthdays are the best. This year I went back to my roots and celebrated with a classic garage party in my hometown, topped off with some of Mum’s homemade raspberry and caramel cake and a trip to see Fantastic Beasts. I wrapped it all up on my actual birthday with a candlelit dinner with my ‘magnifique’ boyfriend and a zombie cocktail, of course. The garage…

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Mull: Beaches, long road-trips and living in a farmhouse

1st October 2018
Photo of coastal scenery in Mull.

Scottish holidays are hands down my favourite kind of adventure. This particular trip was the first road trip where I was behind the wheel, and I loved it! Driving from Edinburgh to Oban via The Green Welly, we got the ferry to Craignure to begin our three-night adventure on this gorgeous Hebridean island. We captured some of the magic in a wee homemade video which…

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Faro: Skull chapels, secluded beaches and rooftop cats

16th September 2018
Photo of Santa Maria lighthouse.

Octopus didn’t taste nearly as bad as I thought it would, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to eat all of Erin’s goat cheese and apple as we sat at a rickety table in old Faro. Seafood-lovers will feel right at home in the Algarve, but it’s the secluded beaches and charming rooftops that I loved the most. Faro was an…

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How to spot a puffin in Scotland, the Josh and Eve way

22nd August 2018
Photo of Bass Rock.

Growing up with a mother who always had binoculars and an ornithology book in the glove compartment, I’ve been lucky enough to spot lots of Scottish birdlife on one adventure or another. I remember shouting ‘buzzard!’ like other kids would scream ‘yellow car!” and hit whoever was unlucky enough to be sitting next to them. There was one bird I had never been able to…

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5 foods I learned to love and why

16th July 2018
Photo of nuts and olives on a wooden table.

As a child, I believed I could quite happily live off cornflakes and empire biscuits if everybody just left me alone. There was even a time when I’d have to be coaxed into eating pizza, and believe me, it pains me to think of all the pizzas I turned down over the years. Now, obviously, I grew up and began to widen my palate. I…

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Just books: Muriel Spark, Matt Haig and books about being human

15th July 2018

Even though I’ve not read many of her books, I love Muriel Spark. I went along to ‘The International Style of Muriel Spark’ exhibition in Edinburgh a few months ago and became even more intrigued by her life and work. She travelled to some amazing places, wrote the funniest letters to friends and produced more work than I’d ever realised. Her book Robinson is first…

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