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Review: @pizza on Charlotte Lane

17th December 2017
Photo of toppings being added to a pizza.

Forget the pineapple debate, let’s talk about ovals. @pizza’s signature shape is switching up dough geometry, making the big pizza pie a thing of the past in this West End joint. Edinburgh’s pizza game is strong, but @pizza feels a lot like a slice of the future on cobbled Charlotte Lane. Think space age meets pizza party at your pal’s house. The folks behind the…

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I’m not Josie Grossie anymore!

29th October 2017

It’s strange when Halloween is midweek; I’ve forgotten about it already and it hasn’t even happened yet. The last time I put any effort into a costume was in 2015 when I dressed as a Bloody Mary cocktail complete with a celery stick in my hair. I’m not the most enthusiastic when it comes to fancy dress, but this year I gave it a bash.…

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Book Review: Living The Dream by Lauren Berry

16th October 2017

Read this if…you’re looking for a light, laugh out loud read on your commute to work. “You’re seriously ill”, my doctor looked at me bemused, and with that I packed a couple of books and a bag full of meds to be collected by my parents who had come to the rescue. I’m not good at being sick, and I’m even worse at being ‘off…

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Staying in Shepherd’s Hut

4th October 2017

People like to tell me I’m a city girl, but I can’t tell you how much I need to get away from the city. I am a city girl; I love nightlife and busy streets, restaurants and wi-fi; but my favourite kind of holiday is to disappear to nowhere. And even though I’m always by my phone, I positively hate phone culture. So, I went…

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Edinburgh’s best slice

19th August 2017
Photo of pizza.

People I’m still not over pizza. We went to fifteen pizza places in Edinburgh this summer on a mission to find the city’s ‘best slice’, and I would keep going if my bank balance and jeans would allow it. Humour me okay? I know we’re not New York, I know we don’t really do ‘slices’, but that didn’t stop me from trying anyway. For the…

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Meeting Sunae artist Naoshi

7th August 2017
Photo of Naoshi.

I made Sunae art on Candlemaker Row. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d be writing! Hannah Zakari is my favourite art and jewellery shop in Edinburgh; it’s where I bought my much-loved Rosita Bonita shell necklace, and it’s where I got to meet LA-based Japanese Sunae artist Naoshi this weekend. Sunae is the word for ‘sand art’ in Japan, and Naoshi creates vividly colourful…

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Review: Mental by Kane Power Theatre

6th August 2017
Photo of the Fringe Box Office.

A few hours before I was sat in the audience for Mental, I was confined inside a perilously slow moving lift with fifteen other people on my way to the roof terrace of the National Museum of Scotland. Kids in the lift were pressing buttons not understanding that they were slowing it down and propping the doors open. The back of my neck was uncomfortable…

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Review: Bar Soba on Hanover Street

28th July 2017

Can you believe how much it rained in Edinburgh last night? I absolutely relished being tucked up inside Bar Soba with tropical cocktails and slushies! The place was packed for their relaunch party, which meant I got to sample some of the fresh new drinks and unusual food being served up on Hanover Street. If you know me, you’ll know it’s my favourite street for…

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Movies I’m loving with McDonalds, NASA and giant pigs

23rd July 2017

July in Scotland is kind of like November in Scotland: wet, windy and incredibly grey. This, and being hit by my first ever bout of migraines, meant I spent much of this month in a cream fleece curled up on the couch at my parent’s house watching movies. If I wasn’t there I was buried under a tartan blanket eating snacks in Edinburgh. As miserable…

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10 unusual ways to volunteer in Edinburgh

19th July 2017
Photo of Edinburgh New Town and the Forth.

Looking for something new to try? Time is everyone’s favourite excuse for not volunteering, but there are so many ways to help that can take less than a few hours a month. With commitment turning to gold dust, lots of charities are asking for your skills over your time. I’ve picked ten unusual opportunities from my favourite volunteering website to inspire you to give volunteering…

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