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June Playlist

1st June 2017

ready or not – john “j-c” carr pool mix | laura mvula, john jc carr cocoon | milky chance father, father | jay prince oceans | leo stannard god’s whisper | raury young, dumb & broke | khalid hit | the wannadies mamacita | tinie tempah, wizkid sunshine – extended mix | tieks, dan harkna say my name | destiny’s child after all this time…

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Maria Merian’s Butterflies

28th May 2017

I’m one of those people that just can’t have a real lazy Sunday. No matter how much I want to, if I don’t leave my flat even for just one day, I end up feeling on edge and flat out of energy. So last Sunday, I picked up a pastry from my favourite store in Abbeyhill and decided I was going to see Maria Merian’s…

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Dr Neil’s Garden

21st May 2017
Photo of plants for sale.

“So, eh, what’s this Neil’s Garden place?” – taxi driver “Haven’t got a clue,” – me “Uh huh. So how do you know about it?” – taxi driver “Heard it exists,” – me He dropped me off outside the kirk in Duddingston and wished me good luck. Dr Neil’s Garden, was somewhere around here. Who doesn’t love a good secret garden? I walked through the…

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My first real St Paddy’s Day

19th March 2017

Who knew that Guinness hats could cause so much drama? I’ve never really done a proper St Paddy’s Day before, and even this one was a little bit of a cheat. Unlike everyone else in the bar, our group hadn’t been drinking since 12pm…you know, day jobs and all that. Throw in a little Six Nations revelry into the mix and the night felt a…

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Custard creams

15th March 2017

Didn’t I tell you I’d make custard creams? Today was an alarmingly long day, and I decided to walk it off in the sunshine before going home. I took a different route from usual and wandered along to Halmyre Street to admire The SS Explorer, a ship that had been catching my eye for months on the crest of a striped sea. The ship was painted in…

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How I’m taking back my passion

14th March 2017

I’m going to be totally selfish here and say this post is for me. I wrote it because I needed to write in that way I do when something needs to change. I love this kind of writing, because it might mean nothing to you, it might resonate with you, it probably won’t make a lot of sense, or you might be one of those…

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Liverpool is bold, and full of cake

27th February 2017
Bold Street.

Storm Doris really made this trip pretty damn damp, and I lost my umbrella. The first thing Laura pointed out to me was a giant white rat on top of a warehouse, and I still haven’t quite gotten images of the Scouser dress code out of my head. After just one day I totally fell for Liverpool, and got to spend 24 hours hanging out…

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