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The story my friends all love

17th February 2017

I received the best email ever today, an email which made me laugh inappropriately loudly in the bakery at lunchtime. The subject line was ‘a story about poo’ and I knew right away it was from Will; it was a story about the most embarrassing thing you could ever imagine happening to you on a date. And it happened to him, with me. Two years later,…

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Things all non-coffee drinkers know

8th February 2017

I have a coffee-addicted family, my friends all depended on it at university, and I even went to coffee school for my part-time job as – you guessed it – a barista. The truth is, I hate coffee. I don’t like the smell, I don’t particularly like the taste, I can’t stand hot beverages, and I don’t even like mocha cakes. There’s a crazy millennial…

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The amazing things I’ve acquired off Tinder

5th February 2017

I never thought I’d find myself comparing Tinder to eBay, but I’ve somehow collected a number of interesting objects over the years; the seemingly unimportant things left behind by dates of Tinder past. Here are a few of my favourites! A laptop This was a timely object to be left behind by a Tinder match – my laptop was on the brink of death and…

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Trump, Tweets and the articles you should read

31st January 2017

Logging into social media recently has felt a bit like swimming through a confusing, indistinguishable cocktail. It’s a mixture of angry Tweets, passionate protests, the odd lingering flatlay, amusing gifs, and too much shaming for my liking. I came back to this after a beautiful weekend away to the remote Scottish Highlands, which happened to coincide with Trump’s sparsely populated inauguration. This tiny break from…

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A starry, sandy, Highland adventure

30th January 2017
Photo of Eve standing under the Milky Way.

Remember when Hassan surprised me with a theatre trip earlier this month? Well, there was a second part to that present; the Highlands! What I didn’t know was that this trip was just a guise, and Hassan was actually planning his own wee trip to Disneyland Paris…but after I started sending him Airbnb places, he caved and told me. I smashed his Disney dreams by…

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Mamma Mia!

3rd January 2017

Be dressed and ready for 5pm, that’s what I was told. I did it with four minutes to spare, thinking we were going out for a nice dinner, end of story. We did that, in a nearby Italian restaurant…and then something else entirely unfolded. …

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Review: The Empress – Wine and flatbread

30th December 2016
The Empress of Broughton Street.

I’ll admit, I never once stepped foot inside this pub when it was Mathers – but after being assured that the ‘old man’ pub vibes were long gone, I went to explore this new venture on one of my favourite Edinburgh streets. …

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