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Wallpaper: Pink Moons

3rd December 2016

I’ve been feeling dreamy lately; maybe it’s been the warm, golden November, or the starry skies and winter moons capturing my attention. I love moons. Moons and shells are my favourite things to look at, so why not pink moons? Download Pink Moons Wallpaper …

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We partied with Gatsby

30th November 2016

Last week Jay Gatsby was in town, and he was throwing the biggest party in Edinburgh. I gathered Wooden Spoons & Co. into a taxi, and we drove out to The Corn Exchange dressed for a 1920s shindig! Was is as good as the movie? No, but it had potential.…

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Review: Foundry 39 – Burgers and Beer

28th November 2016

The title of this review should probably be ‘not another burger and pizza restaurant’, but that’s far too harsh for Foundry 39, the laid back industrial venue on Queensferry Street. This was actually my third attempt to get a table here after a refurb and a slightly awkward un-invite from their launch party…and yes, a small part of me said don’t bother. But I’m glad I…

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Diary: Twenty-four

27th November 2016

It was a pizza-fuelled party hat kind of day, and if what I’ve enjoyed so far is anything to go by, twenty-four is going to be magical. The celebrations began a week ago when I chopped off my hair, waxed my eyebrows and bought a bronze transparent dress. Hello, twenty-four. …

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A birthday treat to myself – New website!

25th November 2016

You know when you’re just not satisfied with something, and it’s always on your mind? I was getting to the point where I wasn’t feeling inspired to write anymore, all because my blog looked so drab. Take a handful of blurry iPhone photos and a stiff, free WordPress theme and voila! You have a boring blog. It was time to make the move from…

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Playlist: 24 songs for 24

23rd November 2016

In my world, birthdays are a big deal, and this time I’m turning 24! I don’t expect to be a whole lot different from right now, but I’m hoping it’s going to be a wild, fun and successful year filled with the best people. Here’s the playlist to go with it – enjoy.  …

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Review: The Observatory Restaurant – Afternoon Tea

20th November 2016

We were met by a tall man in a dark suit. He walked us to a lift where we ascended through The Glasshouse to an exuberant, carpeted hallway lined with suites named Ardbeg, Laphroaig and so on until the names of the whiskies were entirely unknown to me. We followed him past illuminated statues of women and dark, splashy artwork of Edinburgh, down a staircase…

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