Putting the K back in Falkirk

15th February 2016

Every town has a defining feature, whether it be a famous cathedral, a modern tower or some ancient wall. I often portray my hometown quite negatively, because in truth I don’t like it. I simply grew out of it, and the centre of town makes me feel quite sad so that now I only go back for my favourite people and my dog. That being said, despite how much our town has been damaged by demolition to make way for masses of housing in years gone by, if I ignore the distressed scenes of what used to be an amazing place; I can see an intriguing future. 

Canal Huts, Not Evie.

You see, we don’t have one stand-out monument in Falkirk. We have many. Have you heard of the Falkirk Wheel? That’s us. Have you been to the Kelpies? You’ve dipped a toe in my hometown. We even have a peculiar pineapple shaped house not too far out of the way (I loved Spongebob as a kid so we may be thinking the same thing) and hushed woodlands bordering fields that you can explore all year round. I shouldn’t forget the town Kirk either of course. My favourite thing of all has got to be the snow-capped views of the Ochil Hills that I climb with my Dad from time to time.

Lego Kelpie Sculptures, Not Evie.

So yes, I will turn my nose up at the side of Falkirk that makes me feel miserable; but I would be lying if I said that some of my best nights out, house parties, walks, drives, and memories didn’t come from this old town. And honestly, some of the glummest places expose the most creative people; check out this song ‘Kelpies’ by one local music artist, Paul Henry Smith aka my big bro.


A Kelpie from behind, Not Evie.

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