Review: Foundry 39 – Burgers and Beer

Review: Foundry 39 – Burgers and Beer

The title of this review should probably be ‘not another burger and pizza restaurant’, but that’s far too harsh for Foundry 39, the laid back industrial venue¬†on Queensferry Street. This was actually my third attempt to get a table here after a refurb and a slightly awkward un-invite from their launch party…and yes, a small part of me said don’t bother. But I’m glad I did; the burger was spot on.

I more or less live off of pizza, so I quite sensibly opted for a classic burger and chips with a cold Innis and Gunn. Our waiter was great, and as we were there just before seven we could still get free sides with our burgers. Can I take this moment to recommend the tomato and parmesan doughballs as a starter? Just do it.


I realised that this was the first time in a long time that I’d had a burger with a sesame seed bun – everywhere else likes to do brioche buns. We had fries and sweet potato chips as sides; and if I’m back it’ll be extra sweet potato – they’re so moreish.


Dessert was going to be a gamble. I don’t know about you but I find that a lot of casual restaurants lose marks with their sweet stuff, so it’s usually a good idea to just stop after the mains and then go find an ice-cream parlour. Foundry 39 is one of those places in my opinion, and Josh agreed. I tried the ricotta and nutella pizza bites which I left mostly unfinished. It didn’t taste like nutella, more like a generic chocolate sauce drizzled over slightly bland doughballs.

Nevermind, it’s a burger and beer kind of place.



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