Review: Nightcap – Cellar Maze

4th December 2016

Hidden in plain sight, Nightcap is one of the newest additions to Edinburgh’s prohibition-era style bars. You’ve probably walked past it if you’ve ever been to The Stand comedy club; but when your taxi driver still hasn’t heard of it, you know that’s a good sign. 

The entrance to Nightcap is a little bit dark with odd objects in jars on the window shelves, and once inside you’re met with pinups and corridors spiralling off in different directions. We had booked a ‘cellar’ space for some food and a few drinks, and I knew Hassan would never find me without help when he turned up later! I was tucked away in a winged chair and trusted beside a beer fridge on my own. I liked it.

The cellars were so dark, it was quite difficult to read the menu – but I could see that the cocktails were far from ordinary, and not cheap either. The food is a nice addition, but it’s not the main affair at Nightcap. It’s merely there to get you through the late hours if you’re feeling peckish. The sliders were excellent.


Sitting there in the dark got me thinking about the kind of events you could hold at Nightcap. The cellars can take bookings for up to 120 people. I need a party to organise…


As far as reviews go, this one isn’t the most helpful because I was having too much fun to remember the names of any of the cocktails I tried. But that just means you have to go and sample the menu for yourself. And keep it a secret…(even if I haven’t).

P.S There are no beers on tap, just cans – stick to the cocktails, they’re top notch!

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