Review: One Square – Festive Afternoon Tea

8th December 2016

I knew I’d go back to One Square for afternoon tea. The chocolate one I had in November was one of the best afternoon teas I’ve ever had. So this time, I took a date with me for the Christmas version – the first time I’ve ever done afternoon tea with a date! He must think I’m posh…

I was wearing my red velvet jumper because it was supposed to be ‘festive’, and the little napkins on the table were shaped like Christmas trees! We had a trunk of tea leaves sitting on the table for us when we arrived, just like last time. For once, I didn’t go for mint tea, I tried Rooibos instead which was surprisingly tasty (for a non-tea-drinker).

Before any food arrived, we were each given a shot of mulled wine which went down a treat. I nearly spilled it when he asked me how to work a tea strainer – so maybe I am posh, but it made me smile! He is a photographer which turned out to be quite helpful for this review…


Our mulled wine starter.

The next part of our afternoon tea was every bit as incredible as I expected it to be. That being said, I should have asked for no fish. I am trying (with great difficulty) to get over my aversion to seafood, so I always eat whatever they give me at afternoon teas because it’s a tiny portion and a good way of getting used to the flavours. But no, not this time. I should never have tried to eat the salmon – I was so upset! Which meant I didn’t even try the prawn roll…


The festive afternoon tea.

The mini Yorkshire pudding was my favourite savoury, and it was served with roast beef. On the second plate, there was an indulgent spiced yule log and Stollen cake to devour. By the time we reached the top tier I was already feeling completely full. But, there was room for the Bailey’s cheesecake! And the mini mince pie of course…which is probably best not eaten in one bite as I did.

I don’t have a photo of the scones; we eat them too fast, sorry not sorry. But, they served Xante pear liqueur marinated golden sultana scones, gingerbread scones and plain scones with quince and port jam. Totally delish.

We walked this off on our way to the Dominion Cinema in Morningside which is glam and amazing and everything I ever wanted in a cinema. ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ was a treat, and I ate the free Pringles even after that massive afternoon tea. Who wouldn’t? Go go go.

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