Review: @pizza on Charlotte Lane

17th December 2017

Forget the pineapple debate, let’s talk about ovals. @pizza’s signature shape is switching up dough geometry, making the big pizza pie a thing of the past in this West End joint.

Edinburgh’s pizza game is strong, but @pizza feels a lot like a slice of the future on cobbled Charlotte Lane. Think space age meets pizza party at your pal’s house. The folks behind the new restaurant are switched on environmentally, the friendliest crowd imaginable, and they’re definitely wizards because they can make pizza in 90 seconds (time them, I dare you). They also serve wine in Minivino cups with lids, so go ahead and take your pizza and a wee glass of Merlot down to Princes Street Gardens with your mates – in the summer, obvs.

Not everyone will like the concept, but I loved the transparency of @pizza, from the honest (and not at all guilt-inducing) listing of calories, down to the face-to-face interaction with the ‘creative rebels’ who craft your custom pizza at top (but completely unhurried) speed. Don’t panic if you’re indecisive, there’s a menu with pre-designed pizzas especially for you too.

Photo of the pizza being created.

Which brings me to my pizza, the Heartbreaker. We stumbled into this restaurant feeling extra hungry, and I didn’t want to spend longer building a pizza in my head than it would take to actually make it. With sub-zero temperatures outside, I was drawn to the hottest pizza on the list, chose the sourdough base and watched as the oval was adorned with all its colourful toppings. The verdict: it was good pizza.

I ate there with Yanni (she’s in Scotland!), but I could definitely go there solo to work, chill out or just think up ridiculously imaginative pizzas and names for them all. As well as group tables, they have loads of seats ideal for individuals that are decked out with plug sockets and USB charging points.

The best bit? After our pizzas were finished, we were so relaxed that we sat for ages just chatting. That’s when the unforgettably friendly Neill brought over their (already) legendary dessert pizza, the Vanilla Sky. It’s smothered in chocolate sauce, with berries and icing sugar, but what really hits the spot are the little dollops of sweet ricotta on top. Yesssssss. Thanks Neill!

Photo of Neill from @pizza.

P.S They’ve got an awesome Instagram feed too.

@pizza | Charlotte Lane | Edinburgh



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