Review: Wahaca – They have hibiscus water!

8th November 2016

I first encountered Wahaca at the start of autumn when they were giving out free tacos in the park. It was a good taco, and it was a sunny day. This probably stuck in my memory; so this weekend when I was frozen to my core, I collected Erin from the train station and steered us in the direction of Edinburgh’s newest Mexican restaurant. You want to know what’s stuck in my memory now? They have hibiscus water!

I first tasted hibiscus water when I was in Mexico, funnily enough. They called it Jamaica Juice, and I became a little bit addicted. When I returned to Scotland, I tried to make it myself by ordering a big bag of dried hibiscus leaves online and throwing them in a pot. The juice I made was delicious; but I came out in a mad rash and all over my chest!

So, the remaining leaves unwanted by any of my friends were thrown away. Alas, I never had hibiscus water again (knowing fine well that a certain other Mexican restaurant on Cockburn Street also sells it, but I don’t often go…). That was until I decided to visit Wahaca’s new restaurant. I took one glance at the drinks menu and my heart leapt.


Eve and hibiscus water, reunited.

Okay, so I got my juice, that’s great. But what about the food? Well I loved the menu, similar in style to Topolobamba but pretty jazzed up. It was good to see street food separate from mains to give you a better idea of portion size – and I was amused to see that they had even a cricket brownie on the menu; particularly as I was there with Erin.

I ordered three street food plates, my favourite being the Chorizo and Potato Quesadilla. I didn’t enjoy the Tostada as much, probably because it was the chilled dish and I should have stuck to warm plates in November. That being said, the Corn, Black Bean and Guacamole Tostada was yummy, and it tasted super healthy. Lastly, I had the Sweet Potato and Feta Taquitos. I adore feta, so this was a winner. The taquitos had an amazing crunch, and the sweet potato was an added dose of comfort food.


Chorizo and Potato Quesadilla


Corn, Black Bean and Guacamole Tostada



Sweet Potato and Feta Taquitos

The actual restaurant is huge! I got serious tapestry envy when I walked into the dining area. There are two levels, and upstairs diners get a nice view of all the colourful décor below. The kitchen is completely open as well, and they send dishes out as and when they’re ready, so no waiting for others to begin.

When you’re paying, you can use their app if you’re in a bit of a hurry. It’s pretty handy, especially in such a huge restaurant. One final touch was the chilli tree seeds they give you as you leave. A little bit of Wahaca guerrilla marketing right there for you!


See that tapestry to the back right of Erin? I want that.

Wahaca was a great place to escape the cold, and it’s somewhere I definitely want to go back. I love the location; it’s a little corner of the city that I find is lacking in good restaurants. With it being so close to the train station, I reckon I’ll be there quite a lot…and probably before a fair few nights out too.






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