Small shops in Edinburgh

3rd December 2016

Boutiques and little shops thrive in Edinburgh! Just side-step Princes Street and you’ll see what I mean. As today is Small Business Saturday, I wanted to share some of my favourite ‘wee businesses’ in the city – and yes, I finished all of my Christmas shopping this afternoon, especially with the arrival of the Christmas Fair at Out of the Blue Drill Hall. 

Century General Store


I love sitting in this store with my laptop and a hot chocolate! Their two branches are quite different, but the Century General Store in Abbeyhill is my favourite. They were giving out free coffees and prosecco for Small Business Saturday today, and they have the nicest collection of homewares to peruse. The best bit about this shop is that they stock several of my favourite magazines, including the Aussie gem, Frankie.

Hannah Zakari

If I’m going to buy jewellery in Edinburgh, Hannah Zakari on Candlemaker Row is always my first stop. The shop is bright, cute and full of pins, brooches and a gorgeous range of necklaces. They had a late night opening at the start of December with festive goodies for customers!

Biscuit Clothing & Living

Biscuit on Thistle Street is a hidden gem. I will admit that no Christmas shopping happened here, I did in fact treat myself to pom pom magnets for my fridge and a garland for my bedroom…However, I definitely recommend having a browse for the girls in your life (especially if you know me!). They teamed up with other boutiques on Thistle Street this week for a neighbourhood promo.

Life Story Shop

If you like a bit of hygge and have a penchant for Scandinavian design, then Life Story Shop on London Street needs to be at the top of your list. The shop is beautiful, and they sell coffee and bakes at the very back. I love everything I’ve bought here, but I recommend the shop over the online store as there seems to be more available.

The Marshmallow Lady


So help me, if a street food event is announced and The Marshmallow Lady is on the line-up, all my plans fall apart. I love the s’mores they sell (with shortbread from Pinnies and Poppy Seeds), but their marshmallow flavours are divine. I can’t even think about them right now.

Red Door Gallery

If you have any wall space left after shopping at Red Door Gallery, I’ll be impressed! They stock cool prints and pretty jewellery inside their Victoria Street store. They’re also good for thoughtful kids gifts if you want to stay away from giant superstores full of plastic toys.

Godiva Boutique

The Edinburgh street scarf. That’s all I need to say really…Godiva Boutique is full of vintage, classy, fun and pretty gifts for the creative types in your life. The Edinburgh scarf is a little bit legendary though, and yes…I want it!

Elk and Wolf


Elk and Wolf at The Arches is a beautiful shop, although the last three times I’ve walked past there’s been a sticker on the door saying ‘be right back’. My timing is terrible…if I could get it right, I’d shop here for warm, stylish home gifts and accessories – including dreamcatchers! They also hold cool events, like calligraphy classes from time to time.


If you happen to have a hipster brother, boyfriend, friend or whatever; then you should check out Brotique. I like the little library they’ve got at the very back of the shop, and if you have a beardy person in your life, this place has all the gifts.

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