St Abbs and the Scottish Borders

24th April 2019

It might be foggy and grey now, but just last week the sun was blazing and perfect for a road trip down Scotland’s southeastern coast. Josh came along, and by some strange coincidence both of our phone batteries drained almost instantly as we headed south (I blame the spooky cellars of Dirleton Castle, our first stop out of Edinburgh). This meant using old-fashioned road signs to find our way around the Scottish Borders and relying on fuzzy radio stations for our car-aoke.

Just kidding, you’ll never catch me and Josh singing in the car.

The Scottish Borders are ideal for a day trip out of Edinburgh, and much of it can be done by public transport. That being said, there are some stunning coves and harbours that are best reached by car. The first stand-out location for me was the tiny village of Coldingham and Coldingham Bay with its laid-back surf centre and whimsical beach huts.

Photo of colourful beach huts at Coldingham Bay.

Driving through the narrow village street, we turned right down a slope towards the beach. The waves were strong with the wind picking up, and surfers were dotted over the sand and sea. There’s a rather unfussy café by the waterfront selling classic comfort foods: baked potatoes, chips, cans of juice…you know it.

I admire the surfers, it was absolutely freezing; which is why we didn’t stay long! Our next stop was north to the fishing village of St Abbs, famed for its crab sandwiches, marine life and clifftop walks.

Stomachs grumbling, we parked up and headed straight to Ebbcarrs, an inviting café with outdoor seating and lots of visitors. This is where you can get some of those crab sandwiches, but we both opted for a burger followed by some seriously good home-baking.

Photo of a bright blue hut with bright red door.

If the weather’s good, you can take a walk along St Abbs Head and the clifftops where impressive geology decorates the landscape. At the top of the harbour, the old village hall is now home to St Abbs Visitor Centre filled with exhibits and displays about the village’s history and wildlife.

Our drive home took us swiftly through Eyemouth, then across the abbey strewn countryside back towards Edinburgh. Where’s your favourite place in the Scottish Borders?

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  1. Jean Smith says:

    Great wee day trip, felt I was there with you and Josh and loved the photos. If you go again, try fish and chips at Eyemouth, fantastic.

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