Street Food Putter Club

11th December 2016

The Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh is a place where cool things happen. I’ve been there for Kansas Smitty’s, a food truck fundraiser, a Christmas market; and this weekend, the city’s first Street Food Putter Club! I learned that actually, mini golf is pretty fun, and Hassan and I are basically pros.

It’s a fun concept: food and drink combined with mini golf. The food hall was downstairs where Burger Meets Bun and Bo Kantina were serving up street food, and MOO PIE Gelato was keeping things sweet. There were bars on two floors doing beer, ciders and cocktails; and there were classic boardgames scattered around the benches and tables.

Tasty street food by Burger Meets Bun and Bo Kantina.

Burger Meets Bun!

The room was smokey, glowing with string lights and buzzing with putters; the DJ was keeping it light and the drinks were flowing. Everyone was given a ticket for a drink on the house at the door, and I’ve never seen so many people playing Jenga, Connect 4 and Guess Who? in one room!

Lunch in the Biscuit Factory.

Posh girl forced to eat a burger without cutlery…

I was there with Hassan, who was taking pictures for this blog (thanks Hassan!) and vlogging his way around the Biscuit Factory. I am horrified to say that he caught me knocking a darts board right off the wall and getting it tangled in my cosy sweater on film…But that’s okay because he also caught both of us putting some VERY nice shots around the nine mini courses!

Putter Club Rules – “drinking encouraged”

Two rooms dedicated to ping pong!

I loved the way this event was pulled together. From some of their pictures beforehand, I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. I thought it might be too overcrowded and that we would find ourselves waiting in long queues to putt or play games. To get around all of this, they staggered the event with tickets allowing you to either attend during the day, or later in the evening.

Nothing was overcrowded, because they had the different elements of the event spread across three floors. All the food was on the ground floor with a huge bar, and if you wanted drinks upstairs there was another smaller bar beside the putting courses. It was brilliant to just be able to lift clubs and balls without having to put your name down or wait for dozens of people to finish. And, because the layout of the Biscuit Factory is so open, you could easily see which courses were free and move on to those rather than slowing everything down by following the rounds in order.

Overall, a brilliant event. Staff were so lively too, especially the other Hassan we found down by the table tennis rooms! But mostly, the Biscuit Factory was the perfect venue for Edinburgh’s first Street Food Putter Club. Ready for the next one…


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