The Hidden Door Launch Party

3rd April 2016

Last week the full programme for Hidden Door 2016 was announced at an epic launch party in Edinburgh’s Assembly Roxy. The night kicked off with poetry and drinks; and for me and Erin, some marker pens and a white cardboard house. 

The arching venue had art, lighting and photographs unmistakably Hidden Door-esque; and after the first live music act, David Martin (Creative Director) launched the event with a kick-ass speech about the not-for-profit Edinburgh festival.




David Martin

My first Hidden Door encounter was in 2015 when I explored the art, food and drink of the disused courtyard in the Grassmarket. The festival is going back there this year to make ‘Electric City’, nine days and nights of arts.


Exit the Theatre


Hidden Door is potentially my favourite of Edinburgh’s many festivals. I love the contained nature of it, and how a disused street light depot can buzz the way Hidden Door does.



David Martin in his speech announced that this year the festival will include more poetry and spoken word. The launch party was one of the few times I’ve been exposed to this art form (other than reading poetry myself), and it’s definitely something to be curious about (even if a little flummoxed by…).

For me, I’m watching out for the visual art instalments and the music scene. If the acts at the launch party are anything to go by, Hidden Door 2016 is going to be exposing a lot of incredible talent this year.

The only thing that could make me love this festival more would be a dedicated dance programme (there are a few dance acts, check out Room 2 Manoeuvre). Give us more dance Hidden Door, and you’ve got me for life.


You can view the whole programme and get tickets for the festival here.

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