Two new Pinterest features I’m loving

Two new Pinterest features I’m loving

For years, Pinterest was my favourite social platform. It was briefly nudged out of the way by Twitter, and then almost abandoned when I fell for Instagram. I was being unfair, because Pinterest has always been my most successful platform, right back to when I blogged about cakes and studied coral reefs and minerals. 

A snippet of my favourite Pom Pom board.

I left my profile sitting untouched and unloved for a long time. It ticked along quite happily with my pins taking care of themselves as the they were saved and liked again and again. Occasionally, I would take a look to see what had changed, but I didn’t like the new ‘Picked for You’ feature, or the merging of ‘News’ and ‘You’ notifications. Pinterest just didn’t seem quite as addictive as it had been before.

Then I saw a jumper. A fun, bright Christmas jumper; and I suddenly wanted to pin it. When I logged in, things looked dramatically different. I had already read about the new features, but I’d never actually seen them in action; and at last, Pinterest had me back under its wing.

So what are my two favourite features right now?

1. Showcase

When you have endless boards all stacked on top of each other, some of them can get a little dusty in there. The new showcase feature lets you pick up to five boards you want to display front and centre on your Pinterest profile. This meant I could bring my most relevant boards up to the top of my page, cue Christmas jumpers and festive ideas! The reason I love this is that I can keep holiday and seasonal boards tucked away at the bottom of my profile all year long, and only bring them out when they’re needed. Just like my box of Christmas baubles.

2. Checking off ideas

The second Pinterest feature I’m loving right now is the ability to check off projects or ideas that I’ve tried. Back when I was baking, this would have been a dream. Pinterest saves the pins that you’ve completed in their own section of your profile, and this means you can go back and repeat the things you loved. So, the first thing I checked off was a brand new hairstyle. Go me!

After I showed my hair stylist all of these pictures, we chose a length and agreed it absolutely had to be a blunt cut. I got it chopped, was pretty chuffed with my decision and officially checked off my first Pinterest activity! I was able to rate the style, add a comment, and I could upload a picture of the finished look. I think this will be a great feature for craft projects or baking, but also for fashion where ‘real girls’ can show off what high street clothes look like on all our different body shapes!

After checking off the look, my pin now shows up with bold tick mark so I can clearly see that I’ve tried it. I might create a board of books in 2017 with what I want to read next year, checking them off as I go. The possibilities are endless…

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  1. Jean Smith
    10th December 2016 / 8:32 am

    Liked this piece, was able to understand the use of Pinterest much more after reading this.

    • notevie
      11th December 2016 / 12:02 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it!

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