We partied with Gatsby

30th November 2016

Last week Jay Gatsby was in town, and he was throwing the biggest party in Edinburgh. I gathered Wooden Spoons & Co. into a taxi, and we drove out to The Corn Exchange dressed for a 1920s shindig! Was is as good as the movie? No, but it had potential.

Party Like Gatsby‘ is one of Europe’s biggest events, and it quietly arrived in Edinburgh last Friday at The Corn Exchange. I was impressed at how well-dressed the hundreds of people attending were; but Jay, I’ve got to say, you could have done much better this time.

Photo of Eve and Rebecca.

Rebecca and I feeling like the moving portraits in Harry Potter…

What did I imagine when I bought eight tickets for this dazzling event? In a city crammed with speakeasy bars, I did hope that Gatsby’s party would have a similar if not better prohibition era vibe. After paying £15 each for tickets, I was looking forward to a complimentary glass of Prosecco as we arrived…and maybe even a professional photographer snapping us in our outfits as we joined the party.

Photo of Eve and friends dressed for the party.

Our 1920s outfits

What I didn’t expect was to stand in a queue for twenty minutes to put my coat away (at £1 each) when my ticket price covered ‘queue-jumping’. I also wasn’t prepared for a gimmicky juggling act and a lifeless, carpeted room. The bars looked a bit sad, were advertising the wrong drinks that cost us a fortune. We weren’t allowed to buy a glass of Prosecco, only a bottle – and that would have put us back nearly £40. I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen in the movie…

The guys suited up

That being said, the live music was fantastic, and the confetti canons at the end a welcome relief – they gave a touch of the Gatsby extravagance we were expecting! Speaking of extravagance, I couldn’t stop admiring everyone’s outfits on the night – the crowd looked classy and incredibly attractive on Friday evening!

Wooden Spoons & Co.

If I could change anything about this event, I’d start with the venue. The Biscuit Factory would have been phenomenal for that prohibition feeling, and the space is so dynamic that Gatsby could have gone wild. Assembly Roxy, although much smaller than The Corn Exchange would also have been a good choice – it has a distressed elegance that would have looked amazing.

The music was great, although the second room should have had a DJ or a live band at a different tempo from the main room. Switching between rooms didn’t offer much variety sadly. And please, Jay, why don’t you get some actors mingling with the crowd? I would love to have seen my beautiful friends being flirted with by 1920s gentlemen giving little suggestions as to the whereabouts of the elusive Mr Gatsby…

Sorry to be glum ‘Old Sport’…

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  1. Hassan says:

    You should send them this vlog, and get them to hire you to run the next event!

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