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20th December 2015

What kind of workspace gets you inspired? I know so many people who can’t stand to work in an office, their workspace has to be outside. I love that. For me, it depends what kind of work I’m doing. Most of my time is spent writing, so naturally I’m at a desk – unless I have pen and paper with me, then finding a spot outside in the fresh air is the best place to be. 

I also love having music on when I work. This can be a bit tricky in my day-job office as the whole team is in one room, so it’s a quiet space. I put my headphones in but I always have to have one ear open in case I’m needed.

At home, it’s a different story. I have a tiny flat that I share with one of my best friends. When I have it to myself, I go wild – fairy lights, loud music and a whole dining table to myself. The rest of the time, well I have a tiny desk in my room with a pinboard full of images, tickets and anything else I find particularly inspiring (admittedly it’s currently decorated with nice looking people…). And the loud music follows me there!

Photo of my workspace.


I’m lucky to be in a really cool building during the day though. I work in Edinburgh’s Creative Exchange, although our office is admittedly a little less inspiring than the hot desk hall. But it is full of natural light, and that’s probably the most essential element in a workspace for me. I definitely belong in an office with ceiling to floor windows.

Where do you work?

My Desktop Picks

1.Herschel 13″ laptop sleeve in mint – Apple

2.Scratch Map Oceans – Ohh Deer

3.Waikiki desktop background – Design Lovefest

4.Banana patch –

5.Scrabble String Lights – Urban Outfitters

6.Bertie Wooden Desk – Olivar Bonas

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